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October 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
I met up with the Beachell family in Hershey to take photos of their adorable one year old daughter as well as the rest of the family.  The family enjoyed being photographed... all but the guest of honor for her one year portraits.  Never have I seen such an active 1 yr old- and that's saying A LOT!  I tried chairs and benches and people holding her but she could climb out of everything and wanted to eat it all.  I even tried just following her around but she would keep her back to me as much as possible.  The best shot that I got of her all day was her running with her sisters as the VERY LAST SHOT of the evening. 

Beachell 198

These ladies got their own personal shoot while their littlest sister had a bottle to keep her going for the rest of the photo shoot.
 The girls planned their outfits and color scheme and I loved it!
Wish they had these dresses in my size!
And in the end, it only takes a split second for photographer to capture the moment when everyone is looking and smiling at the camera.
It was great meeting your family and I look forward to photographing you guys again in the future!


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