Roy Zimmerman's Reunion

October 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Thanks to my great friend, Gretchen Hallman, I was asked to come photograph at the Harrisburg Country Club to capture the moments shared between past employees during a 30 year reunion of the Roy Zimmerman administration as Pennsylvania's Attorney General.  

 Throughout the night I learned of how highly respected and loved Roy is and was for his leadership.

 I loved being in the room with this group because you could see how much they cared for one another.  There were so many hugs and kisses going around.  I laughed to myself wondering who I wouldn't press charges against at my place of business for hugging me let alone kissing my cheek.

It was truly an honor to meet each an every one of the people at this event and hope to cross paths with them again!  
*Thanks again to Gretchen for passing my name along.


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