July 21st-24th 6-8PM - Photography Classes

July 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
These days everyone is a photographer.  Armatures are able to buy quality cameras at relatively low prices.  This has in turn made it hard for professionals to stay in business.  One thing I noticed though, is most people leave their high quality cameras on AUTO settings.  There are very few opportunities to learn how to actually use a digital camera with control.  
I saw this need and responded by offering several classes over the years.  Instead of letting it take me out of business as friends with a camera shoot weddings sometimes for free, I have found a way to grow.
This Monday, July 21st through Thursday July 24th from 6-8PM I will be teaching a class in Hershey for people 15yrs + to help them learn how to use their DSLRs.  
We will be learning settings, lighting, and composition.  This time I am incorporating a few different photo projects as well all over town.  The last class will be spent painting with light- always a crowd pleaser.
If you would like to sign up for the $100 4 day class, please contact me, and tell your friends!


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